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Types and Varieties of Habanero Peppers - Datil Chili Peppers

100,000 – 300,000 Scovilles. The Datil is not actually a habanero, but a close relative in the Capsicum chinense species, so we thought we’d mention it here. The Datil packs the intense heat of a Habanero or a Scotch Bonnet, but its flavor is sweeter, and more fruity. It grows to about 3 inches long, and turns yellow-orange when mature. The majority of Datils come from St. Augustine, FL, where they are grown commercially, but they can be grown almost anywhere indoors with seeds from vendors. Many companies make all types of hot sauces with them, which can be found at some specialty stores or online.

Two different stories exist about the arrival of the Datil in St. Augustine. Some say that people brought the pepper from Minorca, a Mediterranean island off the coast of Spain, in the 18th century. Others say a jelly maker from Chile brought it to Florida around 1880. Either way, the Datil is so popular in St. Augustine and its local cuisine, that they hold an annual Datil Pepper Festival each October.

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